We are thrilled that you are considering VINCI School of Ottawa for the education of your child. Please book your private tour or your visit to our next Open House to begin.

Step 1: Parent Orientation

Parents are children’s first teachers. The environment where a child grows up affects as much as 50% of a person’s intellectual capabilities.

Accordingly, our admission process begins with a parent interview to discuss your needs and expectations. As true partners, we must establish a mutually beneficial relationship where there are clear expectations to be met by the school (administrators, teachers and other team members) and home (students, parents, caregivers, extended family members). Our goal is the same – make your child a happy and very successful individual no matter where your family will be later in life.

Step 2:  Child Evaluation

Children develop at different speed. In order to provide a personalized learning plan, we need to know your child. This does NOT happen through a standardized test. Learning has a strong emotional component and as such we need to ensure that your child feels comfortable right from the start. Our process is less an evaluation of what your child knows and more of building a relationship with your child to assess if your child’s natural aptitudes match our program. Your child will be invited to come in to play games and have some fun. During the process our admission staff will make observations to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses. We will provide a report to parents regardless of the final decision on whether or not your child will be placed in one of our classes. You will be asked to provide school reports and/or assessments from your child’s existing school (if available ) in order to assist us in the decision making process.