Preschool is the most critical period to lay the foundation for future life. The focus is not much on the knowledge or memorization. Instead, thinking skill, self-regulation, physical capability and eating habit are most valued in parallel to language and speech development.

Our Preschool Program designed for children 31 months to 4 years old continues to leverage Montessori teaching materials, in combination with Reggio style Creative Learning Centers to instill both basic skills and creativity.

VINCI School’s 4-step Pedagogy empowers the 3 to 5 years old for self-initiated inquiry and investigation, with core skills learned during the process:

Multi-sensorial experience is the key to children’s learning. The teacher is there to support children’s inquiry, to keep them on track, and to enforce values such as self-respect and being considerate.

Ruisi’s Story

Ruisi writing after science museum5 yr old Ruisi was a newcomer. He did not speak a word of English when he landed in Ottawa in Sept. 2013. At his former school where there were 27 students in a crowded classroom, he would spend whole day without learning much, and without talking much,  due to his limited vocabulary as well as due to the lack of individual attention.

Ruisi cylinder cityIn March 2014, 6 months after starting at his former school, his English reading progressed to B level (on a reading scale from A to Z).

Ruisi switched to VINCI School following the March Break in 2014.

In May 2014, barely 3 months attending VINCI School, thanks to the individual attention, a personalized program, and the environment to support expression, Ruisi’s reading progressed from B to G – a net gain of 5 levels! Already advanced in Math, curious, and with an intense interest in machines and cars, Ruisi is now on the track to excel!

Preschool Curriculum Overview

 Area Logic & Scientific Reasoning Language Motor Skills Practical Life Creative Learning
Standard Montessori Montessori Montessori Montessori VINCI
Content Montessori
(textbooks)VINCI Math
(textbooks)VINCI Language

(Learning Centers)
Assessment Progress Report Progress Report Progress Report Progress Report Progress Report