VINCI School Ottawa Offers Following Classes

Mayor1) Toddler 18 – 36 Months

2) Jr Casa (Preschool) 3-4 years old

Why Follow American Standards For Math, Science And Language Arts?

Toddler GravityAlthough developed for US states, the Common Core standards for Math, Language Arts, and NXG Science and Engineering are set much higher to prepare for the 21st century’s global and digital economy. These standards are far superior than Ontario’s current standards in the following aspects:
1) Bench-marked to Asian Standards for Math
2) Enhanced Algebra Thinking and Logical Reasoning
3) New Focus on Technology and Engineering
4) Strong Evidence-Base Research, thanks to world-class researchers in education and cognitive science


Where Could My Child Go After Graduating From VINCI School?

4 yr old coderThere are a few quality schools in the area, such as Ashbury College. The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board also offers gifted programs. As long as your child has already successfully developed into an independent learner and thinker, VINCI School can supplement your child’s future learning in Math, Language Arts and Science through a series of online programs after graduation.

How Is VINCI School Different From Other Schools In Ottawa?

1) Hands-On

A combination of Montessori, Creative Learning, and age appropriate technology is used to inspire children and to offer a deep inquiry environment.

Mousetronauts2) Personalized Learning Plan

With our technology tool, each student progresses on skill levels – 987 units from Toddler to Elementary. Parents and teachers are put on the same page in terms of expectations. Each term, a set of goals is set for each student, with progress tracked daily.

3) A Well-Trained, and Well-Prepared Teacher Team

Few schools in Ottawa offer as much training time, or allocate prep time to teachers as VINCI School. That does make a huge difference when it comes to how much or how well students are learning. Each homeroom teacher spends at least 5 hours a week outside of classroom to evaluate students or prepare lessons – that’s 14% of teacher working hours!

4) French or Chinese Mandarin as Second Languages
The ability to communicate in languages that are most relevant in the 21st Century will only enhance your child’s competitiveness.

I Wonder5) Fun, With Lots of Space To Learn On The Move
Children are children, and need space for an optimized learning experience. Research shows that we need to provide 48 to 52 sqft per child. Our beautiful large classrooms, full of natural light easily exceeds this. Our large gym and outdoor playground allow children to learn on the move. It’s been approved by science that emotions affect learning. At VINCI School, we ensure your children stay happy, engaged, excited, and thoroughly enjoy their time in and outside of the classroom.

Why Does Your Child Need Private Education During The Early Years?

Private education offers individualized attention and coaching. VINCI School goes after young children with potential talents, and our curriculum consists of much more than Math and Reading. VINCI School is for bright kids. We go after the top 10 to 15%, and go above and beyond to build strong character and necessary skills for your child to compete on the world stage.

A private school education at VINCI School offers your child an individualized approach with specific coaching and guidance from trained teachers, so that they can unlock their true potential. If students are not provided with this specialized environment and guidance in their early years, they will struggle to develop the key skills (critical thinking, analyzing, evaluating, problem solving, strategizing, and creating) necessary to be successful in the ever changing and competitive global landscape of today and the future. At VINCI School, we know that these skills are the ones needed for the future scientists, who will crack the cancer codes, the future engineers, who will build robots to take care of elders, the future entrepreneurs who will create jobs, and the future architects who will design green walls to absorb carbon dioxide.